Ireland salaries: How much you need to earn to take home €2,000, €4,000 or €6,000 a month after tax

Irish taxpayers know all too well how much of their salary they will actually get to take home at the end of the month and how much is given up to tax.

In Ireland, there are three different types of tax on salaries. They are income tax, which is a progressive tax with two tax bands – a standard rate of 20% for those on lower income levels, and a standard tax band of 40%, applied to higher wages.

Universal Social Charge, or USC, is a progressive tax applied on the gross income, “after certain capital allowances, but before pension contributions”, according to Those on less than €12,012 per year are exempt from USC.

Pay Related Social Insurance, or PRSI, is payable on the gross income after deducting pension contributions. It is only applicable to salaries higher than €5,000 per year, the website said.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how much you need to earn in order to take home €2,000, €4,000 or even €6,000 a month after tax here in Ireland.

For those on €24,000 a year, after tax they would be getting €21,273. This means that their €2,000 before tax is actually €1,773 afterwards.

In order to take home €2,000 a month, according to, a person would need to be on €28,000. After tax, this would amount to €24,133. Monthly, it breaks down to €2,333 before tax and €2,011 after.