Payroll processing calls for an encyclopaedic knowledge of the ever changing PAYE, PRSI and USC systems,


We help you treat your people right.

Payroll is one of the most complex accounting functions. It ties two of the most important facets of your business—your staff and your accounting records. At AG Associates, we streamline your payroll system so your business runs on autopilot, month after month.

Outsourcing Makes Sense

Accurate payroll processing calls for an encyclopaedic knowledge of the PAYE, PRSI and USC systems, not to mention tedious and routine paperwork requirements. In addition, as your business grows, your payroll functions become ever more complicated. More often than not, it’s simply not feasible to manage it in-house.

Our payroll solutions are comprehensive, and provided at the most competitive rates in the industry.

Why outsource to AG Associates?

  • Reduce your operational costs

  • Stay compliant

  • Get peace of mind

Making sure your employees get paid on time with the right amount is essential to employee satisfaction. You have peace of mind that your employees will be paid the right amount on the right day when you outsource to AG Associates. All our staff are up to date with the latest legislation as is our software.

Payroll Training

Training is a great way to maximise the knowledge of your team. AG Associates can either keep you updated on the latest legislation or train you on your payroll software, or both.

Training takes place in your office so it’s cost effective and takes place where your employees work so they can implement immediately.

Our payroll services include:

  • Gross pay, net pay, holiday pay, emergency tax, staff deductions eg health insurance, pension etc
  • Preparation of weekly, monthly and annual payroll reports provided to you
  • Weekly & monthly wages preparation and pay slip preparation for your business
  • Payslip email option for your employees
  • EFT transfer for wages payments
  • Register your employees with Revenue and liaise with Revenue on your behalf
  • Completion and filing of periodic PAYE/PRSI returns to the Revenue on your behalf including the annual return to Revenue
  • Thesaurus Training and support for your business

PAYE Modernisation

PAYE Modernisation is the new way to report payroll to Revenue. It has completely revolutionised the way companies submit returns to revenue. You can see your payroll in real time.

Here are some of the changes made

  • Reporting schedule

    • Every time you pay an employee, you have to report the payroll to Revenue.

  • No more Ps

    • You will no longer issue P60s, P45s or P30s. An earnings and deductions certificate replaces all these and is available online through the Revenue’s website.

  • Tax Deduction

    • There is a new Revenue Payroll Notification – RPN – which gives you the necessary information to deduct the correct income tax, universal social charge and local property tax. It replaces the Tax Credit Certificate.

Let AG Associates Take Care of Your Payroll

Payroll is complicated but it need not be for your organisation. Let us take the stress out of it for you. Talk to us today to see how we can help.