A new way to see your accounts

Clarity is an end-to-end accounting service, brought to you by AG Associates

Combining online bookkeeping with offline accounting, Clarity allows you to find out how your business is performing financially at any time. Get access to the right information at the right time, so you can make the right business decision every time.


Do you want to feel more in control of the financial health of your business?

Have you ever felt left in the dark when it comes to how your business is performing financially?

Get Clarity

Clarity delivers an instant snapshot of how your business is doing right now.

You get monthly and quarterly breakdowns of your financial performance, allowing you to optimise your cash flow.

Monitor your performance against your agreed KPIs.

Analyse sales growth, gross margin, net profit, how long it takes to get money in, and how much credit you’re giving your debtors.

We have a number of packages which makes it affordable for all SMEs. You choose your level of interaction with us to suit your business needs.

Contact us for more information about getting started and our packages today.

Affordable, flexible and compliant, Clarity is the ideal accounting service for busy business owners who are focused on optimising their business performance.

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What you get with Clarity:


With Clarity, you will be up to date with your financials so you will be compliant every month.

L Login anytime anywhere

Clarity gives you access to an online service that can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

A – An accountant just for you

What makes Clarity different is that you have both an online tool as well as an accountant overseeing your transactions.
While this is an online service, it is not a faceless one.

R – Real-time Access

Clarity offers a real time view of how your business is doing right now.

I – Integrated accounts

Using Clarity, bookkeeping is much simpler and saves time. All your accounts are integrated.

T – Templates

We give templates & checklists so that you know exactly what key information to enter on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Y – Year End Accounts

Whatever package at whatever level you choose, we work with you to produce your year-end accounts as well as your monthly accounts. We want you to make the most of your financial data.