An Introduction To The Clarity App & Getting Your Accounting Affairs Under Control

The Clarity Way to Get your Accounting Affairs Under Control

AG Associates, the All Star Cork based Accounting Practice, has recently launched a free accounting app. With the increasing use of technology in today’s digital world, AG Associates decided to deliver a service on devices that their clients were using everyday – their mobile phones and tablets.

Technology is playing an even bigger role in our lives today – whether that’s at work or at home. Everyone seems to be on a mobile phone according to Angela O’Leary, Managing Partner of AG Associates. “We wanted to extend our services to clients who want to know their accounts on the go. Now you can monitor your accounts, upload receipts, check income and record income all in one place, in one app, on your phone.”

The Clarity App can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet free of charge. It offers the user comprehensive tax content, access to portals, income and expenditure management and more making it much easier to stay on top of your business finances.  It has a simple ‘Get in Touch’ page, allowing easy access to the knowledge of experienced accountants in AG Associates.